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Quixel NDO

Normals made easy

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Design, tweak and preview normal maps,
without ever leaving Photoshop.

NDO is the definitive normal mapping tool, that turns Photoshop into a complete normal creation toolkit. Use every tool Photoshop has to offer to sculpt normals in real-time, build non-destructive hard-surface designs, extract rich normals from photos with unrivaled definition, and instantly preview every tweak in 3D.



Sculpt normals in real-time using Photoshop’s customizable brushes.



Build detailed hard-surface designs instantly, using any Photoshop tool.



Convert photos to normals with unmatched definition and control.

Hard-surface has never been faster.

Create normal shapes instantly using selections, vectors and brushes, and get perfect bevels with NDO’s advanced tweaking engine. Creating hard-surface designs has never been faster, and is one of the many reasons NDO has quickly become the industry standard for normal mapping among environment artists.


Introducing Multisculpting.

The new Multisculpting feature allows artists to paint jaw-dropping normals in real-time, using unlimited layers and any PS tools. Endless new possibilites open up as vectors, layer effects, filters, smudges, lattices, blend ifs, brushes, wires and so much more can be combined non-destructively to build a single normal layer.


The Multisculpt feature requires Photoshop CS6, CC, or higher.

Stunning material definition from photos.

Achieve astonishing material definition while converting photos to normals using presets developed specifically for certain material types. Tweak the presets to perfectly suit your needs, or define your own from scratch. NDO’s unsurpassed algorithms gives you power to control volume and details like never before.


Super quick detailing.

Add unlimited detail to your existing normal bakes without the hassle. No need to worry about rebaking, fake floaters, artifacts, or having too many subdivisions. Just add the surface detail, non-destructively, straight in Photoshop.



Instant displacements.

With Quixel’s ground breaking displacement generator, you’ll see your normal map extruded in real time on any mesh without ever having to convert it to a height map. Create in 2D, see in 3D — the second you make a change.


Quixel 3do Product Image3DO - Let’s get physical.

3DO is a light-weight model and material previewer directly fused with Photoshop, enabling you to review your work without needing to jump between applications. With a customizable physically based renderer, cinematic post processor and support for loading your own multi-material meshes, 3DO is the perfect texturing companion and comes bundled for free with NDO, DDO and MEGASCANS.

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  • ”Defines the next-gen of online texture resources”

    - Alex Alvarez
    President, Gnomon

    ”Keeps my texture production pipeline flexible and speedy”

    - Bram Eulaers
    Environment Artist, Blizzard

    ”I can’t imagine working without it”

    - John Pearl
    Principal Artist, Crytek USA

  • ”Allows me to focus on the big picture and create more art”

    - Tor Frick
    Technical Art Director, Machine Games

    ”It's incredible how much you can accomplish”

    - Adam Rosengren
    Lead Prop Artist, Ubisoft

    ”Should be in every 3D video game artist’s toolkit”

    - Adam Bromell
    Team Manager, Polycount

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Quixel NDO Product Image

NDO is compatible with Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC and up, Extended and Standard editions, and runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

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