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Materials evolved.

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A material library like you’ve
never seen it before.

MEGASCANS is a new breed of material library, finally bringing full real-world surface scans to the art community. Browse, preview and download 1000+ materials scanned with Quixel’s groundbreaking HDR surface capture technology and experience real diffuse, specular, normal, translucency, AO and much more.


Online scan library

1000+ materials scanned with cutting edge surface capture tech.


All maps captured

Experience real diffuse, normal, height, spec, gloss, AO and more.


Instant realism

Achieve instant photo realistic results, without having to guess.

1000+ real surface scans.

Revel in the world’s largest online collection of scanned materials, with dozens more added every day. With a simple cloud based interface for maximum ease of use, full Photoshop integration and real-time previewing both online and offline, you’ll find yourself texturing breath-taking environments faster than ever.


All materials from MEGASCANS. Scene rendered in real-time.

All the maps you need.

Get true Diffuse, Specular, Gloss, Normal (Surface+Subsurface), Displacement, Ambient Occlusion, Translucency, Scatter (Deep+Shallow) and Transparency, all pre-tiled and in noiseless 32 bit HDR, identically exposed for 100% consistency. No more need to retouch photographs or manually derive maps from the diffuse.


True realism.

With Megascans there is no guesswork -- each pixel of every map has been physically scanned, and every material component has been fully separated. Every reflectance value has been measured, and each normal reveals how light interacts with the surface and subsurface. This makes for true realism.


All materials from MEGASCANS. Rendered in 3DO.

The Process.

Our job at Quixel is to bring you the best possible scan materials. Since 2011 we have been tirelessly pushing ourselves to develop a fully portable HDR scanning technology, working hard to improve the machine every day. And each waking minute we explore the world in search of new inspiring environments to capture.


More every day.

With new materials added every day, the MEGASCANS library is in a constant phase of growth and improvement. As a paying subscriber, you’ll always be the first in line to all new additions and features.



Quixel 3do Product Image3DO - Let’s get physical.

3DO is a light-weight model and material previewer directly fused with Photoshop, enabling you to review your work without needing to jump between applications. With a customizable physically based renderer, cinematic post processor and support for loading your own multi-material meshes, 3DO is the perfect texturing companion and comes bundled for free with NDO, DDO and MEGASCANS.

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  • ”Defines the next-gen of online texture resources”

    - Alex Alvarez
    President, Gnomon

    ”Keeps my texture production pipeline flexible and speedy”

    - Bram Eulaers
    Environment Artist, Blizzard

    ”I can’t imagine working without it”

    - John Pearl
    Principal Artist, Crytek USA

  • ”Allows me to focus on the big picture and create more art”

    - Tor Frick
    Technical Art Director, Machine Games

    ”It's incredible how much you can accomplish”

    - Adam Rosengren
    Lead Prop Artist, Ubisoft

    ”Should be in every 3D video game artist’s toolkit”

    - Adam Bromell
    Team Manager, Polycount

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Quixel megascans Product Image

More information on MEGASCANS will be available soon. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Requires an online connection.

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