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Unleashing the true potential of Photoshop.
Now with 3D painting.

DDO completely optimizes Photoshop for rapid creation of PBR-accurate textures. The workflow is fast, easy to learn, and adaptable to any art style. Create unrivaled results, at unlimited resolutions, with the world's first fully scan-based PBR tool.


8k Painting

Paint in 3D at up to 8K, with incredible definiton using 500+ scan based brushes.


Scan-based PBR

DDO comes with the Megascans Starter Kit, which sports a wide array of surface scans for rapid, accurate PBR texturing.


Full Photoshop Integration

DDO works with any art style, from photorealism to stylized texturing. The sky is the limit!


DynaMask features unlimited masking control for texture artists, with the ability to paint directly on models in 3DO. Create incredible masks for any asset in a completely non-destructive and responsive workflow.


Smart Materials

Copied by competitors, yet still unmatched, DDO's scan-based Smart Materials are the highest quality material shaders on the market. Fully physically-based, and with realistic weathering that conforms to the shape of your mesh. With Smart Materials, material definition reaches new levels. DDO ships with over 700 professional grade Smart Materials, at no extra cost.


Instant PBR

Quixel has worked with top studios across the world to bring you the most standardized PBR calibrations to date. DDO offers a variety of calibration profiles: V-Ray, Arnold, CryEngine, Marmoset Toolbag 2, Unity, UDK, and Unreal Engine 4. More calibration profiles are being developed, with the ability to create your own.


Learn how the helmet was textured.

Mega Resolution

DDO is built for high-performance texturing to offer the most easily managable workflow in Photoshop to date. Work seamlessly with textures up to 8k.


Flexible Workflow

DDO is designed to function efficiently with any pipeline, workflow, and art style. Set up your own materials, smart materials, map output types, and effortlessly create textures in any style you can imagine! Whether you work in visual effects, architectural visualization, simulation, or game development, DDO will seamlessly plug in to any part of your texturing workflow.


DDO Fusion

DDO works seamlessly with tools such as Unreal 4, 3ds Max, Unity 5, Modo, CryEngine, and Marmoset Toolbag 2. Streamline turnaround by texturing directly inside of the engine of your project, with DDO staying right inside the application. As long as your own engine has hot-reloading enabled, DDO will be like an extension of your project.


Learn about Marmoset Toolbag 2.0

Megascans Integration

DDO is the ultimate tool for utilizing the full potential of the Megascans library. Use scans to create a palette of smart materials, or utilize Megascans as a masking layer inside of DynaMask. From masking to PBR-calibrated materials, DDO ships with over one gigabyte of Megascans to empower your entire pipeline.


Color ID Masking

Create color maps to turn colors into materials in a single click, redefining the way artists think about color maps. DDO utilizes your color map as a mask to define material groups in a matter of seconds, saving a vast amount of time that would otherwise be spent setting up your base PSD.


DDO Look Dev

Texture meshes without UVs in 2.5D with the DDO Look Dev pipeline, empowering concept designers to visualize final quality in Pre-Vis. This texture pass is non-destructive and can be passed on to any 3D artist to be used on the final model. Clients without DDO can always edit the PSD and send it back hassle-free, for a fully dynamic pipeline.



Quixel 3do Product Image3DO - Let’s get Physical.

3DO is a model and material previewer directly connected to Photoshop, enabling review of your work without needing to utilize different applications. 3DO supports 1-1 previewing of any calibration profile, enabling pixel-perfect representation of your model in 3DO like it would appear in the chosen profile. With a customizable cinematic post-processor, support for loading your own multi-material meshes, and support for animation and video output, what you see in 3DO is truly what you get. 3DO comes bundled for free with NDO, DDO, and Megascans.

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  • ”Defines the next-gen of online texture resources”

    - Alex Alvarez
    President, Gnomon

    ”Keeps my texture production pipeline flexible and speedy”

    - Bram Eulaers
    Environment Artist, Blizzard

    ”I can’t imagine working without it”

    - John Pearl
    Principal Artist, Crytek USA

  • ”Allows me to focus on the big picture and create more art”

    - Tor Frick
    Technical Art Director, Machine Games

    ”It's incredible how much you can accomplish”

    - Adam Rosengren
    Lead Prop Artist, Ubisoft

    ”Should be in every 3D video game artist’s toolkit”

    - Adam Bromell
    Team Manager, Polycount

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Quixel ddo Product Image

DDO is compatible with Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC and up, Extended and Standard editions, and runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

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